Solution Approach

More Than A Solution


Being your strategic transformation partner, we help you create a transformation roadmap aligned with your strategic, tactical and technical requirements. We also help to create a CFO ready business case with business value articulation for getting the budget approvals, and technical CxO ready technology adoption case with answers to Why Change, Why Now, What & How.

Out Come:

A presentation with Business Case, Value Articulation, Transformation Roadmap and High Level Future Design.


Equipped with multi-domain Industry Leading expertise, our Architects help you with designing Security Solutions aligned to your business needs. Our Architects work with your multidisciplinary architects – network, security, application, cloud & EUC, in multi-day whiteboard driven workshops to detail out your current architecture, opportunities of change in current architecture, future architecture, dependencies, training needs and project plan for provisioning of services.

Out Come:

An architecture document detailing current/future states, dependencies and project plan.


Our strategic advisors work with your leaders to bridge gap between business and technology by building plan and programs to help your enterprise operate at its best today, transform to adopt optimal security solutions you need, and prepare you for better tomorrow.

Out Come:

We provide consulting services for leadership at all levels from CxO, to senior, and middle management delivering outcomes apt for requirements at their levels for accelerating approval cycles upwards, and implementation downwards.


With Industry best skillset, vast experience and up-skilled young professionals, we help you provision, with agility and at scale, cyber security solutions of your choice. During pilot rollout we create low-level detailed design and configuration document, training your workforce alongwith for a successful transition, documenting learnings, fine-tuning & stress testing the deployment as we scale out the technology adoption.

Out Come:

Low Level Design and configuration document, FAQs and SOP for ongoing run, Training and Shadow support for smooth transition.


We help your business by running your cyber security so that you can focus on your business outcomes with confidence. We use a repeatable, coachable and transferable approach to keep our smart and young skill set abreast with latest industry trends. This helps us manage your cyber security effectively, scale in/out as per business requirements, and keep running costs low. We work with your team to identify and agree on KPIs, KRAs, RACI and SLAs as per your business requirements.

Out Come:

SLA driven, quantifiable measured cyber security run services.