Zero Trust and SSE Transformation

Hybrid workspace is the future of enterprises. Legacy security approach of protecting enterprise network, clouds, remote access vpn in siloes does not work any more.

We specialize in transforming your enterprise to deploy, accelerate and get best value for zero-trust and secure service edge implementations. We bring expertise for all leading vendors in space of zero trust and SSE ranging from Identity Protection, to end point management & protection, network & cloud security to achieve a frictionless zero trust and/or sse deployment.

Cloud Security

We help our client in their cloud migration journey with our cloud security lifecycle services to manage their cloud ecosystems securely and uncover security loopholes in cloud platform, SaaS, applications, and underlying infrastructure. We leverage Cloud Provided Security and Layer it with Additional controls for ‘Defense in Depth’ which includes:

  • Cloud Security Architecture
  • SaaS Application Security
  • Cloud Platform Security (Azure/AWS/GCP/OCI, etc.)

Security Management

We help organization implement a Cyber Security Structure Mandating Leadership commitment for Security Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and automate enterprise GRC Initiatives enabling effective compliance and risk monitoring in an increased regulatory compliance and disruptive environment including.

  • Cyber Security Governance
  • Policy and Standards Framework
  • Security Awareness Program for Enterprise
  • Asset Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Internal/External Risk Management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • vCISO

Data Protection Services

  • Data Discovery and Classification: We enable our client to establish digital trust by safeguarding their sensitive information within and beyond enterprise boundary through our data protection services, aligned to regulatory and policy requirements.
  • Data Privacy Management: We help our client establish and manage a data privacy posture in-line with the organizational needs and regulatory requirements
  • Information Leakage Protection: We help in implementing DLP Solutions to prevent the data/information leakage by helping organization helping in classifying the data being used/created/generated by the users

DevSecOps/ Agile

With our proven experience across security and software development , we can help you to reduce time to market in a safe and secure manner. We partner with our clients to augment their existing delivery model or set up brand new engagement for greenfield projects.

  • Secure by Design and ability to measure
  • Apply security throughout the software development and deployment lifecycle
  • Increased Customer Trust and lower compliance cost
  • Automated Security checks with integration into DevOps pipeline

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation model of outsourcing can help to bridge skill gaps in your existing teams , helps to reduce cost and give flexibility to increase resourcing on a need basis. These teams will be remote but managed directly by your IT Leads for particular assignments for agreed duration.

At Krodata we will provide additional leadership coverage for remote teams of 10+ people to identify improvement areas , increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Flexibility to start small and ramp up slowly as we build trust
  • Complete transparency during selection and onboarding process
  • Broader coverage across CyberSecurity , Data Protection , Software Development, Product Analysis and automation